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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Is Canada's New Governess General a Quebec Separatist?

Quite possibly the grits have just appointed a Quebec separatist as the Queen's representative in Canada. Here is a portion of a recent posting from The Western Standard's blog, citing and loosely translating from another blog in French:

Acccording to my well-informed sources, all of whom greatly admire Michaëlle, she has some very open political opinions. Notably, she often made her Quebec nationalism known, her preference in favour of Quebec sovereignty and her opposition to the antiquated institution of the Queen of England's representative in Canada.

The post goes on to say that Mme. Jean took a long time to decide to accept Martin's offer, and, according to his sources, did so in the end because she saw it as a good way to advance the causes she cares about: child poverty, violence against women, and the situation in Haïti.

Now, it could be that Mme. Jean is just a Quebec nationalist. Not all nationalists are separatists, of course. But if she is in fact a "real" separatist, it would be a big-time political embarassment. Did the Martin people not do due diligence? Surely they must have?

Update: JohnH wants to know if this one will be able to set another new record for the cost of renovating the kitchen.
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