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Friday, July 22, 2005

Kent Budge, Harry Potter,
and a host of invisible hands

When I wrote about the forces of competition and the heavy discounting of the latest Harry Potter novel, Kent Budge was so tickled with the title of the posting [Harry Potter and the Invisible Hand] that he started a contest:

Economist John Palmer has come up with the funniest suggestion for a Harry Potter book title that I have ever seen: Harry Potter and the Invisible Hand. I laughed so hard I hurt myself.

... Rather than leave well enough alone, I am going to give you all the opportunity to try to top John in a Harry Potter and the Lame Book Title contest. Entries should be proposed titles for the next Harry Potter book that are superficially plausible, but are also puns on some learned phrase or concept. You will receive extra consideration if the learned concept happens to be in your own field.

Winner(s) will be announced Monday. Assuming there are any entries.

I will put up my title against all challengers!
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