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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Dark Chocolates are Healthy
but this does nothing to tighten my priors

The Macon Georgia Daily News is reporting yet another study[this one from the June, 2005, Am. Jl. of Hypertension] indicating that indulging in dark chocolate is good for one's arteries [thanks to Jack for the link].

The researchers examined the effects of flavonoid-rich dark chocolate on blood-vessel function in 17 young, healthy volunteers over a 3-hour period after they consumed 100 grams of a commercially available dark chocolate.The investigators saw that an artery in the arm dilated significantly more in response to an increase in bloodflow. Chocolate consumption also led to a significant 7-percent decrease in aortic stiffness."The predominant mechanism appears to be dilation of small and medium-sized peripheral arteries and arterioles," Vlachopoulos and colleagues suggest.
Show me some longitudinal studies, and my priors might tighten a bit, but this study isn't all that convincing. Unfortunately.
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