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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Hell Hath No Fury
Like a 78-Year-Old Woman Scorned

78-year-old woman shoots and kills ex-beau at a seniors' home in Georgia. [Also available at the WashPost (reg. req'd]:

Furious that their romance was ending, a 78-year-old great-grandmother shot her 85-year-old ex-beau to death as he read the newspaper in a senior citizens home, police said.

"I did it and I'd do it again!" Lena Driskell yelled to officers who arrived at the home June 10, according to testimony. Police said she was wearing a bathrobe and slippers, waving an antique handgun with her finger still on the trigger.

... After [a] nasty breakup with Winslow, she kept showing up uninvited at his apartment in Hightower Manor, the complex for seniors where they lived, Detective D.B. Mathis said. A security guard tried to calm her down, but Driskell drew out her gun, pressed it to Winslow's head and fired up to four times...
Do you think she'd have done it if either Winslow or the guard had been carrying a gun?
What would John Lott say?
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