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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Petition to the AUT to End the Boycott

It is still not too late to sign the petition that I earlier urged people to sign.

The AUT boycott is wrong. It is anti-Semitic, and it is a flagrant attack on academic integrity. Please, go sign the petition.

Here is a disturbingly good reason to do so (from an e-mail sent to members of the International Advisory Board for Academic Freedom):

[T]he following statement [is] from the NUT (the National Union of Teachers - another UK trade union) in an email from Sue Blackwell (of the AUT)

"NUT congratulates the AUT Council in their decision to boycott particular Israeli Universities because of their discrimination against Palestinians. We deplore certain sections of the media for their allegations of anti Semitism and blatant distortion of the Union’s motives. We further deplore the personalized attack on and the harassment of Birmingham AUT member, Sue Blackwell, who moved the motion, and offer our support to her and all members and employees of Birmingham University AUT and employees of Birmingham AUT Regional Office."
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