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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Libertarian Party of Canada:
Phoenix Rising from the Ashes?

The Libertarian Party of Canada was de-registered as an official party back in 1997. It was re-registered prior to the 2004 election, in which it fielded a slate of 8 candidates (there are 308 possible races in which to field candidates). The annual convention being held this weekend is an attempt by the organization to rebuild itself and develop more support for the next election, whenever that might be [most likely sometime between this June and next April].

One reason rarely mentioned for the decline of the Libertarian Party in the 1990s was the success of the Reform Party, which had many members with Libertarian inclinations. As it gained strength and actually elected Members of Parliament, people who tended toward Libertarian views drifted into the Reform Party, grimacing and trying to ignore the participation in the Reform Party by the religious right.

But then a couple of years ago, the Reform Party merged with the Progressive Conservative Party, essentially taking on the Conservative Party name. Since the merger, the party has become much more centrist and much more interventionist, to the point that many MPs, beside Belinda Stronach, should probably be switching parties; i.e., in many ways the Liberals and Conservatives are indistinguishable.
As a result, there is renewed interest in the Libertarian Party by those of us with Libertarian tendencies.

The "national convention" had 25 people in attendance at its Saturday sessions, including the speakers. The party faces a tough road ahead.

But contrary to my earlier concerns, before attending Saturday's session, wackos were not in evidence. I wish the party good fortune for the future. I'm now a member.
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