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Sunday, May 01, 2005

More on the AUT Boycott of Israeli Universities

Perhaps the overwhelming effect of so many academics and others who have been speaking out against the British Association of University Teachers [AUT] boycott of two Israeli Universities is finally having some effect on the AUT executive. The announced boycott

  • is hypocritical because the AUT has not voted to boycott universities in other countries with far more serious violations of human rights
  • is anti-Semitic
  • is a threat to academic freedom

The AUT executive has now announced, "Well, maybe we were a bit hasty, and so we're going to hold off, at least until the storm dies down." Not in those words, though. Here is their announcement in full:

Israel universities - further statement to members

AUT general secretary Sally Hunt has issued a further statement to members following the AUT Council decision to boycott two Israeli universities.

Ms Hunt said: 'The national executive will issue guidance to local associations on the implementation of the boycotts of the two Israeli universities in due course.

Until this guidance is issued, it is stressed that members should be advised to not take any action in relation to a boycott which would place them in breach of their contract of employment.'

So now add "cowardly" to "anti-Semitic" and "opposed to academic freedom" and "hypocritical" in any descriptions of the AUT executive.

Those of us opposed to their actions and policies must continue to apply the pressure.

Otherwise, once the outrage dies down [this time], the AUT executive will have quietly implemented some anti-Semitic, anti-academic freedom policy without the opportunity for the AUT membership to vote these scoundrels out of office.
[h/t to BenS for the pointer]
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