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Thursday, April 28, 2005

New Standards in Gubmnt

From New Zealand:

Labour MP Dover Samuels appears to have been caught up in an embarrassing incident in an Auckland hotel.

Newstalk ZB says Samuels told them he urinated in a corridor of the Heritage Hotel nearly three weeks ago after attending a function.

The radio station says Samuels told them he couldn't get into his room because of a faulty key, and relieved himself in front of the duty manager.

Samuels had earlier denied any incident when contacted by One News.

The hotel has refused to comment.
Okay, now. Everyone in unison:

1. What is the risk?
2. Who is the least-cost bearer of the risk?

Link via Rodney Hide, who is not a labour MP in New Zealand. Check out the comments, too!
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