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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Is It Cheaper to Buy a Politician Than to Buy Votes?

Maybe so. Paul Martin has just made former Conservative leadership candidate [and rumoured one-time companion of Bill Clinton, to lay on the ad hominems] his minister of human resources and skills development in the Liberal cabinet. In doing so, he has taken one vote away from the opposition and increased the chances that his NDP (i.e. socialist)-driven budget will pass on Thursday and he will be able to keep his job. [thanks to Brian Ferguson of Canadian Econoview for the e-mailed tip]

Belinda Stronach, who ran for the leadership of the Conservative party in early 2004, has crossed the floor to the Liberal party and will sit in Paul Martin's cabinet.

The millionaire businesswoman becomes minister of human resources and skills development, the prime minister said Tuesday morning.

... Stronach is a small-L liberal who has not always been comfortable within the Conservative ranks, especially on the issue of same-sex marriage.

Last week, she said it would be unfortunate if the Liberal government fell before the 2005 budget was passed because it contained measures on municipal funding that were of great importance to her constituents in the Toronto-area riding of Newmarket-Aurora.
Recall that last month I posted that I really hate Liberal minority gubmnts because they spend a great deal, targeting specific ridings [election districts, for those unfamiliar with the Canadian political scene] and cave in to NDP pressure for more gubmnt intervention.

I confess I have not been terribly impressed with [conservative leader] Harper's persona during the past few months, but this budget is truly horrible. I'm disappointed to see that the odds of its passing are greater now that Martin has b(r)ought Stronach into the Liberal cabinet.

Update: by far, the best posting I've read on this topic is by Brian Ferguson at A Canadian Econoview.
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