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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Trademark Infringement

Remember way back, when I decided to rename this blog because an economics consultant in Dallas, Texas, didn't like my use of the name "Econoclast" (even though I'd been using it for nearly two decades) because he had registered the name?

No problem. In fact the current name suits the blog better.

But I wonder what Kevin is going to do at Always Low Prices. His blog has tended to defend Wal-Mart against the anti-big-box forces, and now Wal-Mart has threatened him with legal action for his use of the phrase "Always Low Prices". And, of course, his hit rate is suddenly astronomical!

What a bunch of doinks [a technical term in economics meaning people who do not understand when someone is doing them a favour]. I understand the importance of protecting the firm's copyright, but this is a dumb way to go about doing it.
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