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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

More Anti-Semitism at Columbia University

There was considerable evidence of anti-semitism in the Middle-Eastern Studies programme at Columbia University, but not according to a carefully selected panel:

The stacked deck produced a whitewash.

That's the take many observers have of things at Columbia University, where last week a panel of Israel-phobic academics found "no evidence" that professors in the Middle Eastern studies department made anti-Semitic remarks meant to bully Jewish students.

Here's the wrinkle: How can anyone trust the committee's findings,
given its members' clear prejudices?

Of the five panelists, two signed a petition demanding that Columbia divest from Israel. One member is a dean who recruited some of the professors accused of hectoring Jewish students. Another panelist has in the past ignored complaints from these students. The fifth, history Prof. Mark Mazower, merits special mention for having likened Israel's
occupation of the West Bank to the Nazis' World War II occupation of Eastern Europe.

How's that for a fair and balanced panel?

Why isn't their president [Lee Bollinger] under as much fire as Larry Summers?
[thanks to BenS for the link]
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