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Monday, April 18, 2005

Rogue Trader to Manage Irish Football Club

Not a "real" manager; a commercial manager:

Rogue trader" Nick Leeson is to become the commercial manager of a football club in western Ireland.

Mr Leeson, who was jailed over £860m losses which led to the collapse of the UK's oldest merchant bank, Barings, starts at Galway United this week.

The 38-year-old, who lives in Ireland with his wife and children, said he was "looking forward to the challenge".

Club chairman John Fallon said: "Life has moved on for everyone since the happenings of 10 years ago."

Mr Leeson has been hunting for a steady job for the past year and replied to a job advertisement to secure his new position.

"I am a very keen football fan and am looking forward to working with Galway United," he said.

Mr Leeson, originally from Watford, Hertfordshire, spent four years in a Singaporean jail over dealings which led to the 233-year-old bank's collapse in 1995.

As BrianF said, when he sent me this story [click on the title, above],

I hope these guys have got really good auditors. On site.
One hint. If he says he's got this great idea about investing the team's funds in currency derivatives, don't listen.
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