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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Manitoba Margarine

Last month I wrote this about the margarine/butter controversy in Quebec, where, according to Lisa, of London Fog, oleomargarine must be white to distinguish it from butter because, "Citizens in Quebec are apparently too stupid to read labels." Or at least their gubmnt treats them that way.

Now Sean Incognito informs us that in Manitoba, the government [sic] introduced legislation on Wednesday to repeal the Margarine Act, the province's law that keeps butter substitutes at arm's length, label-wise, from the real thing.

As Winnipeg radio station CJOB reports:
"The government [sic] wants to repeal the act because they believe people can distinguish the difference by now."

It is nice to know that in at least one province in Canada, the gubmnt has some confidence in consumer sovereignty.
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