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Monday, April 11, 2005

Not a Bayesian Posterior

To read about Bayes Law and Posterior Probabilities, click here.

But to read about using E-Bay to auction off one's posterior as a billboard, click here.
Parman, 27, is one of the nation's foremost female practitioners of jujitsu, a martial art that involves a good deal of choking and painful contortion of various limbs. She and her posterior are often in the public eye at tournaments, classes and demonstrations. They make regular appearances on the pages of such magazines as Grappling, and Submission Fighter. Parman is bent over in many of these pictures, committing serious violence against a supine opponent; her face is obscured but her fundament is in plain view. [thanks to BF for the link].

As of the writing of that article in the Miami Herald, the top bid was $2,225, but she was hoping to raise $50,000. Part 2 of the attempt is here, though I doubt if the link will last very long.
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