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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Give 'Em Jobs in Denver

In an earlier piece, I noted that Denver had reduced the amount they pay substitute teachers and, as a result, faces a severe shortage of people willing to work for the current wage rate. Maybe they can hire some of these folks from Australia:

UNIVERSITIES are awarding places in teaching courses to students who failed or barely passed Year 12 and the current funding regime encouraged the practice, Education Minister Brendan Nelson claimed yesterday....
Dr Nelson revealed a Tasmanian student had told him that one university had allowed a student entry to teaching with a mark of 35 out of 100 that had been "scaled up".

"She said to me, 'How can we have quality teachers if you can get into teaching with a mark of 35?"' Dr Nelson said.

[thanks to BrianF for the link; he suggests sending them to trade schools so they can get jobs paying $90K per year.]
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