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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Scatological Socionomology?

I have a friend who had his tenure revoked [i.e. reached mandatory retirement age] from the socionomology dept of a mid-level university nearly a decade ago. For some reason, he is currently obsessed with toilets. He recommends the Toto Drake. From one of the consumer reviews,
I would have never thought I'd have given so much thought to "toilets"!. But I have. My knees are becoming troublesome, so I had a plumber out yesterday to do an estimate on an ADA. He recommended the Toto Drake. After browsing Consumer Reports ratings and doing a Google search and coming across your site, I immediately called and scheduled an installation for this morning. It sits very comfortably, is easy on the knees, flushes complete and remarkably fast, and has an almost no-noise refill. Amazing.

Looks worthy of consideration.
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