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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Do These Blogging Numbers Make Sense?

I have studiously tried to avoid navel-gazing blogging about blogging. I don't think this qualifies, but it is close.

Extrapolating some work I did last year, only about 20,000 blogs (a mere 0.4% of all active blogs) have a sizeable audience (more than 10 regular visitors and more than 150 hits per average day)...

"More than 10 regular visitors" and "more than 150 hits per average day" are very different criteria. I think this blog has averaged well over 10 regular visitors per day, almost from the beginning; but it was only for a few days recently that there were more than 150 visitors per day.

The article continues,

...if blog readership continues to soar (doubling every 18 months) and newspaper readership continues to stagnate, in three years the average B-list blogger will be getting significantly more reader attention than the average unsyndicated US newspaper article or column, and the average A-list blogger will be getting almost as much reader attention as the average US daily paper.

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