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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Beer Bear
Bear Beer

Last August, a large truckful of Spanish-labeled Moosehead Beer disappeared, probably in New Brunswick, but authorities still don't know for sure. Here is followup story.

Wade Haines of the Fredericton area appeared before judge and jury on Tuesday [February 8th] as his trial opened on a charge of theft in connection with the disappearance of about 50,000 cans of Moosehead beer last August. Most of the beer, with its distinctive Spanish labelling, was never recovered, although a few stashes of the stolen suds turned up in different areas of the province. ...

Haines was driving the load from Fredericton to the Toronto area, from where it was to be shipped to Mexico.

The beer heist quickly became a celebrated crime story in New Brunswick and beyond, especially after cans of the missing beer started showing up in strange places.

At one point, police discovered a stash [of the beer] at a marijuana operation deep in the woods near Doaktown, N.B.

Bears had been at the brew and had consumed at least six cans.

The authorities knew bears had gotten into the beer because the teeth marks on the empties were unmistakeably made by bears.
[Thanks to BrianF for the pointer]
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