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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Preparing for a Job Interview

Back in 1970 I had an on-campus job interview with General Electric. Everything was going quite well, I thought, until the interviewer asked, "I'm curious. Would you be willing to trim your hair and shave your beard to come to work for General Electric?"

I replied something like this:
"No...... In fact, I'm puzzled that a company advertising 'Progress is our most important product' would care if I have long hair and a beard. Furthermore, it seems to me that one of the early stars of General Electric was quite eccentric. I would think there would be no problem with my appearance."

I was wearing a suit and tie, but this was back in the days when anyone with long-hair and a beard was perceived as a drugged-out hippie. I didn't get the job. Actually, I never heard from them again. [I also have a lot less hair now.]

For those of you who might be actively looking for a job, here is some worthwhile advice: 25 tough interview questions originally published back in 1983.
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