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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Absolutely Our Final, Final, Final, Final Offer
- - - - maybe

Around 6:30pm EST, the NHL's Gary Bettman sent the NHLPA a public FOAD letter slightly increasing the previous NHL offer to the players and saying, to the public, that if they didn't take it the next one would be lower.

''I know, as do you, that the `deal' we can make will only get worse for the players if we cancel the season - whatever damage we have suffered to date will pale in comparison to the damage from a cancelled season and we will certainly not be able to afford what is presently on the table,'' Bettman wrote.

What is with that guy? Even if he believes that nonsense, going public and using that tone is not likely to promote a negotiated settlement --- or was it his goal to get the players to reject the offer?
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