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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Rampant Anti-semitism at The University of Toronto

The Institute for Women s Studies and Gender Studies (IWSGS) at the University of Toronto recently announced its sponsorship of an Israeli Apartheid Week starting January 31. The entire collection of speakers and contributing organizations have a rabid anti-Israel bias. My guess is they will not be discussing realistic alternatives for a country when foreigners try to kill its citizens at random via suicide bombers. You can see the announcement, along with a discussion of it, at this site.

I am truly disgusted that presumably educated academics would and could sponsor such clearly one-sided politicized events. I wonder how this U of T Institute for Women's Studies feels about the dramatic abuse of women in Palestine. Here is what Lisa, of London Fog has to say about it:
Unfortunately, there have been no scheduled speakers to discuss women’s equality issues either in the workplace or before the courts in Palestinian society. There will be no discussions on honour killings; and no one will update the crowd on how the battle goes to end the barbaric practice of female circumcision. Finally, don’t look for anyone to discuss the lack of rights and brutal treatment meted out to the Christians, Druze, Domi or homosexuals in Palestinian society.

What she said!
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