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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

This I GOTTA see: Numb3rs

CBS has been advertising the premiere of "Numb3rs", a television show in which FBI agent Don Epps recruits his younger brother Charlie, a brilliant mathematician, to help him solve crimes. In one of the ads for the show, Charlie says,
It's all in the numbers.
I love it already, partly because one of my best friends from long ago is named "Charlie", and he is really smart. In the show, they use math, probabilities, and statistics to solve crimes. I wonder how long it will last. The increasing use of biology and chemistry to solve crimes on tv shows has caught on really well, with all the CSI shows; maybe, just maybe, it's time for math. After all, people are finally beginning to recognize the importance of statistical analysis in sports, as in Moneyball, or as exemplified in many sports blogs (e.g. The Sports Economist or Sabernomics).

But why did they have to get so cutsey and use a "3" instead of an "E"?
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