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Thursday, November 18, 2004

What Degrees Are Employers Looking For?

Check out this list from CNN.Money:

"...the greatest number of employers said they were interested in hiring grads who majored in accounting, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, business administration and economics/finance."

Of course the results are based on U.S. employers and degrees, but I doubt if things are much different in the Canadian market for new university graduates.

Gratuitous comment: I didn't notice Sociology or Social Work on the list.

Link courtesy of King Banaian at SCSU Scholars -- a very good blog! He and I have known each other for well over a decade, having begun our correspondence about the economics of sports (baseball in particular). We renewed our friendship when I came across his blog and his interest in academic freedom. Throughout his blog, he posts really interestintg items about sports, economics, and academic integrity.

Oddly, even though I've never visited St. Cloud State Unversity in Minnesota, and even though I think he is the only person I know there, I find his posts about SCSU quite interesting - a tribute to what a good writer and analyst he is.

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