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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Shopping for a Date at Wal-Mart??

Whatever happened to singles' bars?
Whatever happened to shopping for a date in the produce section of the grocery store?

Now, in Germany, Walmart runs a singles night:
The Wal-mart employees greeted a man who was looking for a date, "...with a glass of sparkling wine and freshly shucked oysters. They took his picture and tacked it on a singles bulletin board, along with his age, interests and the qualities he seeks in a prospective partner. Semprich grabbed a shopping cart outfitted with a bright-red bow denoting his unmarried status and hit the aisles." link courtesy of AlwaysLowPrices.

Going to Wal-mart to buy a few things, even if you end up throwing them in the garbage, might be cheaper than going to a dimly lit bar. Also, shopping for a date this way might involve some interesting signaling strategies as people send signals by the items they place in their carts, such as:

  • Look at me. I buy lots of neat things and can provide for you.
  • I'm a very clean person, and I know how to do housework.
  • I like to look good for my partner, and I save money doing so by shopping at Wal-mart.
  • I don't mind watching chick/guy flicks.

At least the signaling would be different from that observed in bars; and the ambient noise level would be lower, too!

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