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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Law and Order

There is no single thing that has disturbed my sleep pattern more than the television series, "Law and Order". Once they started showing re-runs at 11pm (Eastern time) on A&E and then switched to showing the re-runs at 11pm on Bravo, I have had trouble getting to bed at a decent hour.

The series, and its offshoots, have been captivating. As one of my friends wrote to me a number of years ago, "oops, gotta stop writing. L&O is about to start."

I have noticed lately, though, that I am less interested in the show. It's not just that I'm losing interest in the re-runs; I don't like the new episodes so much either.

Rebekah, at Composite Drawlings, explains why the shows have gone off her list, and I expect these reasons go a long way toward explaining why I have lost interest, too. Be sure to read her entire piece, but here's a short excerpt:
These pitchmen who have been writing the series — all three of the shows for that matter — seem to think that it's okay to vilify an entire religious group, and, for that matter, the majority of the country. Teaching a child right from wrong obviously must come into conflict with teaching a child about truth and love and all that warm fuzzy moral relativistic stuff, right? Oh, and the fundamentalists who kill and maim are never Muslims or atheists or anybody else, are they (except in the case where they're victimized into some unsavory act)? No matter what the crime, it's always white-bread Christians at fault, as far as these guys are concerned.
That wasn't the case when Moriarity played the assistant DA.
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