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Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Economics of Sports, Baseball, and the World Series: a Podcast at Radioeconomics

Phil Miller, King Banaian, and I just completed our discussion on the Economics of Sports, Baseball, and the World Series, and it is now available for downloading from this site. We started out talking about the economics of the World Series, but the discussion broadened considerably as we talked together.

To download the MP3 file, click on the title of the posting at that site or just click here.
James Reese, the producer, wrote about the discussion:
Three noted sports economists discuss the forthcoming 2005 World Series - with predictions on who will win. Topics covered: World Series ticket prices, competitive balance, team salaries, role of randomness, unbalanced schedules, TV revenue sharing, and money ball.
Those guys are very smart and very knowledgeable, which makes it fun to talk with them and interesting to listen to them.
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