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Monday, September 12, 2005

Michael Moore and Katrina?
I think I'm gonna get sick throw up

Michael Moore is threatening to make a movie about Katrina. I'm sure it will emphasize these points:
  • FEMA, for all its failures, expected reasonable local and state preparation and relief. In fact, FEMA responded more quickly to Katrina that it had to earlier hurricanes.
  • The state gubmnt of Lousiana betrayed immense incompetence; but the Mississippi state gubmnt was pretty much on the ball.
  • The local gubmnts of New Orleans and many surrounding areas betrayed immense incompetence.
  • The MSM were extremely biased in their reporting.

Thanks to Rondi Adamson for the pointer.

She must have a streak of sadism to have brought this item to our attention.
She now markets little bags that say, a la
Shelley Berman, "In here, Slob."

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