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Friday, August 19, 2005

A Conference on "Global Queeries: Sexualities, Postcolonialities, Globalities"

Thanks to AA for having sent me a pointer to this call for papers for a conference to be held next spring at The University of Western Ontario.

Global Queeries:
Sexualities, Postcolonialities, Globalities
University of Western Ontario May 11-13, 2006

Sexuality and globalization are currently pressing sites of scholarly and creative inquiry. The crisis of AIDS in Africa, the complicated relations between the local and the global, between decolonization and sexual liberation struggles — these represent some key areas of interconnectedness. The organizers of the conference encourage a diversity of political, theoretical, cultural, and practical responses to these areas of critical inquiry. Key questions we hope to address include: Where and how do queer, postcolonial, and anti-racist representations, theories, and practices intersect and diverge? How is heteronormativity implicated in the history of imperialism and colonization, as well as in current neoliberal and global practices? How are sexuality and desire imagined and queered across global spaces? Alternatively, how do sexualities destabilize or resist economic and political structures of globalization? How do lesbian and gay liberation struggles travel theoretically and politically across the globe?
The organizers are primarily from the English department. I would be delighted if papers were submitted by such market-oriented libertarians and champions of gay rights as Kip Esquire or Tom Palmer. I'd especially want to attend the conference if they were there.

Update: Aaron has posted two alternative versions of this call for papers at Grandinite, one by Fil and one by him.
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