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Friday, July 01, 2005

The Fate of Gays in the Muslim World

I really really really wish the left-wing defenders of both gays and Muslim fundamentalists would read this piece from Cato. Life for gays in the Muslim world is not likely to be very pleasant. From the conclusion [Thanks to Kip Esquire for the pointer]:

While he notes that secular nations such as Jordan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Syria are more relaxed about homosexuality, Robert Spencer, director of and editor of The Myth of Islamic Tolerance, warns against equating the homophobia of strict Muslim states with, say, American social conservatives' opposition to gay-rights laws.

"Jerry Falwell and others like him do not call for the deaths of homosexuals, while these people do," Spencer tells me. "This demonstrates the bankruptcy and, ultimately, the danger of such moral equivalence arguments, which are nonetheless ubiquitous today in discussions of Islamic terrorism."

Unlike Sunday's marchers, many in the Muslim world literally risk their lives and limbs by merely peering out of the Islamic closet.
Anyone who cares about freedom or about gay rights should likely be opposed to religious fundamentalism in all countries, but the treatment of gays in the Muslim world sounds horrific.
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