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Saturday, July 16, 2005

County Fair? Country Fair?
what's the difference?

NY Governor George Pataki is considering a run for the U.S. Presidency in 2008. To test the waters, he is going to visit Iowa.

His schedule includes an appearance at a private fund-raising luncheon by the Iowa Republican Party, which is expected to raise $100,000 for the party; a visit to a Little League game; and even the Saturday morning farmer's market in Des Moines.

"We might do a country [sic] fair - I just love those," said Mr. Pataki, who grew up in Peekskill, a northern Westchester suburb. "If we're going to be out there and there's one nearby, I want to do one."
In other words, he hasn't done his homework to find out when and where the various county fairs are being held. The tone of these remarks is so condescending, he clearly should be running for the democratic nomination.

Go back in mid-August, George, for the big Iowa State Fair. Or if you can't make that fair, see the MInnesota State Fair in late August. Both are terrific! There will be lots of people there, and you might get some insight into how Middle America lives.
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