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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Arch of not-so-anonymous Losers

Recently parolled killer/rapist Karla Homolka announced that one of the first things she wanted to do was go to Tim Hortons for an iced cappuccino [$subscription required; thanks to Jack for the link].

The homespun chain did its best yesterday to deflect the endorsement.

“We have faith in our customers that they can make the distinction between what Tim Hortons stands for and that there is no relationship between ... a successful company and her comments,” said Greg Skinner, a company spokesman.

Marketing experts said the unprompted endorsement of Tim Hortons’ frothy summer coffee treat — which was introduced only in 1999, while Ms. Homolka was in prison — is a testament to the company’s ubiquitous status in the public consciousness. They recommended the company ignore the comment.

“I would imagine the Tim Hortons people will be running for cover on this one,” said Alan Middleton, a marketing professor with York University. “They should just ignore it, lie low. Hopefully it goes away.”

He doubted Ms. Homolka’s desire for a Tim Hortons drink would have any impact on sales. “Will it harm Tim Hortons? No. Will it help? God, I hope not.”
It would give new meaning to “L’ Arc des Perdants Anonymes” ["The Arch of Anonymous Losers"] . . . . . . except she's not very anonymous after having gone to court seeking protection from the media, and then granting an interview with the French CBC television network.
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