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Thursday, June 02, 2005

What is the Paris Hilton Elasticity of Demand for Carl's Jr. burgers? Preliminary Results

Earlier I asked, "What is the Paris Hilton Elasticity of Demand for Carl's Jr. burgers? "

The preliminary results indicate that Carl's Jr.'s same-store sales increased by 1.5% after the introduction of the ad.

CKE Restaurants, Inc. said Wednesday same-store sales at its Carl's Jr. hamburger chain rose 1.5 percent, but fell 1 percent at Hardee's, for the four weeks ended May 23.

"We are encouraged that same-store sales at Carl's Jr. continue to climb, and despite the negative comp at Hardee's, are pleased with the performance of the brand as it rolls over strong numbers from the prior year period," Andrew Puzder, president and CEO, said in a statement.

Puzder credited the new Spicy Burger advertising featuring Paris Hilton in a skin-tight swimsuit soaping up a Bentley and crawling all over it before taking a big bite out of the burger for driving positive same-store sales at Carl's Jr.

Counterfactual bet [i.e. one you cannot call me on]: I'll bet that if the ad had focused more on her very seductively eating the burger, sales would have increased even more.
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