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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Separate, But Equal:
Dubai Stock Traders

Female stock traders on the Dubai Financial Market are complaining about their working conditions and the treatment they receive from the male traders. [see more here, at the Emirates Economist, quoting the Gulf News]

Female stock traders at the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) say the bourse's infrastructure facilities are poor and asked the authorities to find quick solutions. A cross-section who spoke to Gulf News said that the trading hall is in a mess and their main problems are a lack of parking and chairs.

... A.A., another 32-year-old UAE national, said: "We are facing many problems here. Mainly, the ladies who bring their children with them."There is no discipline here, and the presence of children creates more chaos and noise. Unfortunately, there is nobody here to monitor this." She said some females bring their housemaids as well.

...She pointed out that the male investors are also very pushy and rude."Most of the time they don't give us a chance to see the brokers. They push us away, and many times harass us as well. This situation is not good at all."

According to her, there should be a separate hall and brokers for women.

I do not understand how a separate trading hall for women will solve the problems of traders' bringing their children or housemaids to the bourse; nor do I understand how things can be kept separate but equal in this occupation. Perhaps it is an occupation that rewards people, regardless of sex, who are tall enough to see and who have sharp enough elbows to manoeuvre among the other traders.
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