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Saturday, May 28, 2005

A Cancer in the Middle East?
Racist Defamation

A cancer in the Middle East. That is how two reporters from Le Monde described Israeli-Palestinian relations in an article that rivals The Protocols of the Elders of Zion [a pure fabrication] for its anti-Semitism, but which is more subtle.

The article applies constant pressure on the theme that Israel, once under attack, has now become the aggressor.

The Jews of Israel, descended of an apartheid named the ghetto, are ghettoizing the Palestinians. The Jews, who were humiliated, despised, persecuted, are humiliating, despising and persecuting the Palestinians. The Jews, who were the victims of a pitiless order are imposing their pitiless order on the Palestinians. The Jewish victims of inhumanity are displaying a terrible inhumanity.
The authors and publishers have now been found guilty of racist defamation in a French court:

Two particular passages were cited for their racist character. The first reads, “One has trouble imagining that a nation of refugees, descendants of the people who have suffered the longest period of persecution in the history of humanity, who have suffered the worst possible scorn and humiliation, would be capable of transforming themselves, in two generations, into a dominating people, sure of themselves, and, with the exception of an admirable minority, into a scornful people finding satisfaction in humiliating others.”

The second incriminating citation reads, “The Jews, once subject to an unmerciful rule, now impose their unmerciful rule on the Palestinians.”
The punishment? a fine of one Euro.

Very disturbing: they will make more in increased sales as a result of the case.

What kind of deterrence is that?

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