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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Racial Profiling and the
Canadian No-Fly List

From the Trono Globe & Mail, here is yet another example of the sophomoric nonsense engendered by our parliamentary system of gubmnt. The opposition parties expressed concern about racial profiling and about a no-fly list.

MPs from all three opposition parties gathered Monday to call on the federal government to put legislation in place banning racial profiling in Canada.

The politicians say they are concerned that the government is compiling a no-fly traveller list that would worsen the problem.
I understand some concerns about the compilation of a no-fly list -- how does one find out whether one is on the list, how does one address the civil liberties aspect of the list, how does one get one's name off the list, etc.

But the no-fly list has little or nothing to do with racial profiling. Putting "...legislation in place banning racial profiling..." is just plain stupid denial of the probabilities involved with crime and terrorism. Requiring that scarce resources be used to target the stereotypical elderly white female means there will be fewer scarce resources available to look into potential criminals among other groups that are much more likely to commit crimes or acts of terrorism. Not using racial profiling ignores the basic, fundamental economic facts of scarcity and opportunity costs.
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