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Thursday, March 17, 2005

More on the Differences between the Sexes

I wonder if the folks who did this research would even be allowed to apply for a job at Harvard. They say women are genetically disposed to being more empathetic and less aggressive than men. Is it okay to say that and not even ask if there are differences in the ability to do math and science?
Traits such as aggression and empathy, which are more common on average in one sex, could be influenced by the differing behaviour of the X chromosome in men and women, scientists said....

“Our study shows that the inactive X in women is not as silent as we thought,” said Laura Carrel, of Pennsylvania State University, who led this element of the research. “The effects of these genes from the inactive X chromosome could explain some of the differences between men and women that are not attributable to sex hormones.”

I am, quite frankly, offended that they would even ask such questions about the differences between men and women. I think there should inquiries into whether their tenure should be revoked.

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