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Friday, February 18, 2005

Goosebumps: Shoes with Flatulence

How would you react if you had some shoes that farted every time you took a step? I realize I am different from most people in that I might keep them to wear on special, pompous occasions like this. On the whole, though, most people returned them, and so did the distributors.
"It very nearly put us out of business," said Bryan Thomas, an officer with Goosebumps Products Inc. of Longwood....

"They were whoopee cushions for the feet," Thomas said.

Oh, yes, customers complained, according to the suit. So did Goosebumps' biggest distributor.The company had to throw away at least 35,000 pairs...

The reason for the whoopee-cushion sound was, apparently, that the supplier of the glycerine used for the insoles supplied a thick, low-grade glycerine and watered it down instead of supplying a lighter, food-grade glycerine. The substitute glycerine-water mix tended to bubble-up and create the sounds.

Understandably, Goosebumps thinks that maybe it was not the least-cost bearer of this risk and is suing the supplier.
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