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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Erectile Dysfunction and
The Philadelphia Sound

Slate has a review by Seth Stevenson of this year's Super Bowl ads. For the most part he found them tame, uncreative, unchallenging, and ineffective. With this exception:

Cialis runs a spot backed by old-time pop hit "Be My Baby." And I have to say, erectile dysfunction and the Philadelphia sound go great together.

Is it just me, or is that line really funny?

This ad features genuinely old, wrinkly, unsexy people, and scenes of tenderness and affection. It's a far cry from the smoking-hot 40-something chick who talks dirty in the Levitra ads. These boner-pill brands are starting to mark out discrete territory—Cialis seems most intent on appealing to elderly flaccid people (Levitra, the people who still think they're smoking hot—flaccidity be damned).
He also links to this article which strongly suggests that GM flagrantly violated Tom Brady's property rights.
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