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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Emirates Economist

John Chilton, a former colleague, now teaches in the United Arab Emirates. Regular readers of this blog will recognize the large number of postings here with the notation "[thanks to JC...]" -- that's John. He has just joined the front lines of the blogosphere with The Emirates Economist, after having supplied so many of us with so much material until now.

I am absolutely certain that his blog will be a superb read. It'll go on my "Check every day" list. As an example, consider this recent posting about Al Jazeera's being up for sale in part because it is losing so much money:
To turn it around financially, a buyer would be obliged to pull its teeth, which would incense its team of professional journalists, many of whom formerly worked for the BBC.

I'm not so sure they've all left the BBC....
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