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Thursday, December 16, 2004

The University Bookstore Might Object

Some students come to see a prof perhaps a month or so before the term begins to find out what textbooks will be required for the course; then they order the books from Chapters/Indigo or from Sometimes they're able to get the books even cheaper from

So why don't we put click-throughs on our university, departmental, and course-based web-sites, with the proceeds going to the department? This suggestion is not original with me:

The university had just sold a lucrative "pouring rights" contract to Coca-Cola, so I asked, "What about selling advertising space on the department's Web page?" For a small consideration we could link bookstores or to our course lists. Students could get their books in one click, along with personalized recommendations: Students who bought The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction also bought Lacan for Dummies. "Another wise-guy suggestion" was the general reaction to my modest proposal. Six years later our department Web site is still not-for-profit -- we can barely pay someone to maintain it -- but I know that other departments are starting to cash in on their virtual space. [Link via Newmark's Door]

If the department were to open affiliates' accounts with these places, it would be easy to place the code on the websites. My prediction is that we will see more of this type of fund-raising over the next few years. I also predict that we will see university bookstores objecting to the increased competiton.
We should also consider using BlogAds and GoogleAds.
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