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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Racial Profiling and Political Correctness

David Friedman is a very interesting thinker and writer. He has recently blogged, very persuasively, that if all the recent terrorists are Muslim fundamentalists, it makes sense to direct additional security efforts toward Muslim fundamentalists, and if they cannot be readily identified, then toward Muslims. He quotes Heather MacDonald:

But "racial profiling" is irrelevant. What is at issue is religious profiling. By definition--by Usama bin Ladin's own definition when he called on all Muslims to kill Americans wherever they can find them--Muslim terrorists must be Muslim. Because religious identity is not always apparent, however, national origin or ethnic heritage should be available as surrogates.
Regular readers of The Econoclast know I'm concerned about any kind of murdering that is promoted by religious fundamentalism.

At the same time, I have considerable sympathy for my friend, Ali, who is studying and working diligently to become a pilot. What are the odds he will not face discrimination in the job market for pilots?
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