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Friday, December 03, 2004

"I Wasted 12 yrs of My Life" - Dutch communist

In 1969, Dutch intelligence set up a sham communist group, run by Pieter Boevé, and very well, it seems. He traveled with and hobnobbed with leading Chinese/Maoist communists for decades. When all was revealed, one of the faithful followers of Boevé was pretty upset:

"I totally wasted 12 years of my life," says Paul Wartena, an ex-MLPN member who was so dedicated to the cause he used to donate 20% of his salary to the fake party. He says he "had some doubts now and then" about the MLPN but stayed loyal because "I was very naive and Mr. Boevé was such a good actor." Now a researcher at a university in Utrecht, Mr. Wartena wants Dutch intelligence to pay him back for all his donations.

Mr. Boevé, now 74, scoffs at his acolyte: "He was an idiot."
What he said. Knaves and fools.

[quote from The Wall Street Journal ($subscription required), thanks to John C. for the tip]
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