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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Victor Villadangos

Victor Villadangos is an absolutely superb classical guitarist from Argentina. He is also a truly nice man. I had the pleasure of listening to him play and teach for three days last August at a small music/CD shop in Stratford, Ontario, called The Wandering Minstrel.

Mark Rowsome, who runs The Wandering Minstrel, is a former world champion figure skater who has turned his energies to music and the promotion of small chamber music groups and soloists. If you're ever in Stratford, be sure to drop in to see him (Unfortunately, he doesn't have a website; his email is wanderingminstrel at bellnet dot ca).

Mark carries several CDs by Victor Villandangos. I think Victor must have brought them with him when he came to Stratford, and Amazon also carries his tango cd and his cd of Argentinian guitar music. They are fabulous; if you can find them, buy them.

One of the pieces he performed while he was here was "Danza" by Pipo. It's a fascinating, whirling flurry of a piece that requires great technique. If you are interested in hearing it, it has been recorded by the UK group "Sky" and is on their album, The Best of Sky, featuring well-known classical guitarist, John Williams.
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