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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Stress and Aging

I have always looked a lot older than I am. I guess that's due, in part, to stress (Washington Post, free registration required):

If the findings are confirmed, they could provide the first explanation on a cellular level for the well-documented association between psychological stress and increased risk of physical disease, as well as the common perception that unrelenting emotional pressure accelerates the aging process.

I guess I need to learn to chill out. Alcohol? Drugs? Less caffeine? Well.... here's a quote from a recent piece in Slate:
While diet and intake of antioxidant vitamins appears to have had little effect on longevity, moderate wine drinking and daily consumption of caffeinated coffee were both linked to living longer.
So the existential question for today is, "Should I or should I not drink coffee?" 8-)
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