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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Another Epiphany?
A Flash of Light on the Garden State?

Episcopalian Priest leaves church to join the Druids.

An Episcopal priest has renounced his ordination to lead a Druid order.
...W. William Melnyk, former rector of St. James Episcopal Church in Downingtown, called his decision to become a Druid priest "a joyous occasion." Melnyk has formed the Llynhydd Grove of the Druid Order of the Yew, which he will lead under his Druid name, OakWyse.

...Bob Bruhin, development director of the Delaware Valley Pagan Network, described modern Druidism as a New Age religion whose followers worship the sun, nature and trees and explore traditional Celtic beliefs.
I wonder how many stones are put into the collection plate.
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